“And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark – 16:15

Heritage Holiness Church supports several missions aboard and here in The United States. Some even in our own backyard. We have Remember, Friends of India and The Abacos of the Bahamas which are all located overseas. Each is working to help the persecuted and needy and to spread the love of Jesus. Dr. Russell Stokes has spent most of his life in Mexico preaching and has started several churches there. Locally we support Home of Hope and Hopes House, one organization working to end homelessness in Dorchester County. There is also WKCL serving the Charleston area on the air. And right here at the church, we have a food bank and a blessing box. Both are used to help those in the church and community in need.


Remember is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the persecuted church and serving as a link between the members of the Body of Christ, overseas and here at home. They are committed to linking up the body of Christ, serving as a reminder to the domestic church of the needs of our brothers and sisters.

Remember works in Liberia, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Egypt. Their current work in Burma includes support of children who are either orphans of Christian martyrs or children of destitute Christians. While many of these children do have one or even both parents living, their parents were not able to provide even the most basic needs for their children and asked for them to be placed in a children’s home. In 2015 Remember completed the building of Hope Children’s Home in Burma, whose purpose is to house, provide for, and ensure the education of Burmese children who have faced these difficulties.

Friends of India

Friends of India is based in Effingham, South Carolina. It was established to raise funds that could be used to expand the present ministry in India and provide a means of supporting the work that is already in place.

The Mission of Friends of India is to promote and preserve the Ministry God has developed among Free Will Baptists in India. Funds provided by contributors to FOI enable them to support ongoing projects, as well as, continuing to expand the ministry of reaching souls, building churches, and establishing disciples as followers of Christ. Other social, educational, and religious works are supported and helped my this ministry. They include disaster relief, Bible Institutes, and lifestyle improvements. 

The Abaco's of the Bahamas

The Abaco’s of the Bahamas is located on the island of Guana City. Matthew Collins is one of the missionaries working to lead hearts and minds to Jesus. They have church services, singing and water baptisms.

Dorchester County Community Outreach

“First and foremost, in all that we do we seek to Glorify God.”

Home of Hope is a men’s facility in Dorchester County that opened its doors in October 2015 and can house 16 guests. From October 2015 through December 2019 over 330 homeless men in Dorchester County have come to stay. Some for as little as one week, some for over a year.

Hope’s House is a women’s facility which moved to a newly renovated house in June 2019 in Dorchester County and can house 8 guests. As of December 2019, over 25 women had been given a safe, supportive place to live.

Both facilities offer a secure environment, support services and the tools to gain independence and self-sufficiency. There is no time line. As long as you are working toward goals of being on your own, you are allowed to stay as long as needed.

Each guest is “met where they are” and both houses’ believe all people deserve the basic of necessities in life. As part of the community they live in, DCCO strives to treat all people with dignity, offer support and opportunity, as well as, practice responsible stewardship. Two homes with one mission-end homelessness in our community.


WKCL is a local Christian radio station serving the Charleston area since 1981. It is owned and operated by Holy Spirit Bible College and Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Ladson. The station broadcasts southern gospel, praise & worship, and contemporary music. They also offer many wonderful radio programs such as Pastor’s Prayer Time, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, and Money Wise just to name a few. WKCL has been a great outreach for the community and surrounding areas.

HHC Food Bank

Brother Clarence & sister Barbara Phillips, sister Diane Palmer, brother Tommy Meree & brother Sike Sponaugle give of their time freely each week working in our food bank. On Tuesday’s & Thursday’s they pick up food that has been donated by a local grocery store. They sort the boxes and have everything laid out for our church family and the community to come and “shop” from 10am-11:15am. After 11:15am on Thursday whatever is left is donated to another local church that also has a food bank. It has been a real blessing to our church and the community.

Blessing Box

We also have a blessing box that another church member, brother Mel Cramer built. It is located on the Gilligan’s side of the church under the palm trees. Many in the church and the community stop by and fill it up daily with food and everyday essentials like soap, hand sanitizer and baby formula.